Church Yards

Church Yards

Preserving the memories of your loved one 

At Serenity Memorials Ltd in Hull, we provide bespoke gravestones. These are available in a wide range of styles, materials and colours. You can also rely on our staff to advice you regarding cemetery regulations, materials and help you choose the right inscriptions. Speak to a member of our team today for more details. 

Each burial authority has their own regulations concerning the erection of memorials, and we are able to offer advice on these, although each application will be treated on its own merits. Generally these refer to the size of the stone rather than any individual design, although some will not allow wording or designs on the back of memorials, but the Church of England is much more restrictive.
In some areas of local authority run cemeteries they also insist that insurance cover is taken out on any memorial that is fixed, or re-fixed, in their cemeteries. We will normally include this on our quotation and show whether it is compulsory or optional.
An extract from the Diocese of Lincoln Churchyard Regulations; 
‘Some forms of monument are discouraged, e.g. those made of marble, or of red, polished black and dark grey granite, and those incorporating flatstones, kerbs, chippings and railings. Synthetic stone or plastic should never be used, also open books, hearts, figure statuary and photographic representations are generally out of scale or otherwise inappropriate in an English country churchyard’.
Light grey granite with a non-reflective finish may be acceptable, as may Nabresina, York Stone, Portland Stone, Slate or Serena.
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We provide gravestone cleaning and maintenance services. We can also polish and restore headstones. In addition to gravestones, we provide kerb set memorial and children's memorials
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